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Description :
Innocent village girl, Devi (Nutan) meets Shekhar (Sanjeev Kumar), a young doctor, whose ideals are to do social service in villages and help the masses. Their meeting blossoms into love and they get married. But, this irks Pooranchand (Rehman), the elder brother of Shekhar, who blesses them with a heavy heart. Rampyari, the mother-in-law of Pooranchand wants her younger daughter, Shobha to get married to Shekhar and she plots tactics to uproot Devi from the house. Her efforts crown with success, when Shekhar goes abroad for work and a notorious blackmailer Joginder comes to the house. Rampyari and Jogindar join hands and both are successful in making Pooranchand's mind prejudiced and getting Devi thrown out of the house . On his return, Shekhar goes on a frantic search for Devi. But the network of conspiracy woven against Devi is so strong that even Shekhar starts doubting Devi when he finds a photograph of her in a brothel. Will Rampyari and Jogindar succeed in their devious games? Can Devi survive the test of time and unite with Shekhar?

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