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Dhadkanein - Bollywood Full Length Movie - 2006. Producer: Irshad S. Ahmed, Directed : Imran Khalid, Cast : Attin Bhalla, Preeti Mehra, Harsh Chhaya, Yashpal Sharma, Tej Sapru, Gajendra Chauhan, Kader Khan.
Synopsis: A story of two starcrossed lovers Raj (Attin Bhalla) and Sandhya (Preeti Mehra), where Sandhya comes from a shady and sorbid background whereas, Raj belongs to an affluent family. Badshah (Harsh Chhaya), who is Sandhya's father is a pimp and wants her also to join the oldest profession of their family. Arjun Sherawat (Yashpal Sharma) is one of the kingpins of Bombay's underworld, who enters into a pact with Badshah and purchases Sandhya. Raj and Sandhya come to know about this, they lose no time in eloping. Raj's grandfather, Dadu (Kader Khan) comes to this rescue and protects them from Arjun and Badshah, but not for long. Eventually the police nab the lovers are arrest Raj, whereas Sandhya is taken away by her dad and is forced to marry Arjun. Will the lov birds be separated? Or will Raj come and rescue Sandhya from Arjun's trap?

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