Dharam Ka Insaaf - Full Movie

Description :
Dharam is an innocent child forced to catch the sight of his parents being brutally murdered by notorious smuggler Goga (Goga Kapoor). Dharam (Sumeet Sehgal) grows up in the household of a kind man (Alok Nath) and vows to avenge his parents death. He meets a girl named Chamki ( Veena Malhotra) who runs a Beer bar and they both fall in love. But his life turns upside down when he crosses paths with Goga who frames him for supplying fake currency notes. The police arrest Dharam and subject him to torture while his foster-father disowns him. How will Dharam break free of the odds stacked against him and prove his innocence? How will Dharam put an end to Goga and his crime empire?

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