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Description :
Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraee - Bollywood Thriller Movie - 1993. Director : K. Vinod Cast : Biswajeet, Sahil, Neelima, Padma Khanna, Somraj, Azim, Anchana.
Synopsis: Deepa lives a wealthy life with her father and mother in Mumbai. The relationship between her father and mother had gone worse after Deepa's birth. Deepa is a spoilt kid as she has always been pampered by her father and always followed her father's footsteps. She has a boyfriend named Ankush who loves her a lot and can do anything for her, but Deepa soes not bother about him and leaves the city with her father. The father has an extra marital affair with his friend named Lily. The father has got a transfer and Deepa and her father leave the house and the mother is left behind. Later Deepa's father sends a notice regarding the divorce with his wife. The mother is then worried about Deepa as she has been following her father's footsteps and talks to Deepa's ex- boyfriend Ankush about it. Will Ankush be able to help Deepa's mother?

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