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Description :
Seth Kalidas (Ashok Kumar) is a wealthy man who loses his wife and daughter due to his greed for money. He spends half the year in Bombay and the other half in Mussorie. Udharchand (Om Prakash) is a homeless man with a white dog named Chiku, who settles in the mansion of Kalidas when he leaves Bombay. Udharchand meets Vijay (Rajesh Khanna) and his friend Raju (Agha), who have just been evicted from their home. Feeling sorry for them, Udharchand invites them to stay with him in Kalidas's palatial mansion. One night the trio find that an intruder has broken into the mansion and when confronted they find the intruder to be a girl named Roopa (Sadhana). Roopa is none other than Kalidas's daughter who is amused by Udharchand's ingenuity and not being a big fan of her father's greed, decides to play along with them. Roopa and Vijay fall in love with each other but when Kalidas enters the household in disguise as a homeless man named Kalva, things start to spiral out of control. Will Kalidas learn a lesson and change his greedy, grasping ways? Can he win his daughter's affections back? Will Vijay still love Rupa when he finds out the truth about her? what will happen to Udharchand's super-sweet way of life?

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