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Description :
Madhav (Raj Kapoor), is a young poet whose songs are played on the radio. One listener named Rajkumari (Madhubala) hears him singing and suggests to her newspaper publisher father, Thakur Sangram Singh (Badri Prasad) that they publish some of his poetry to increase readership. Rajkumari tracks Madhav down and falls instantly in love with him, as does Madhav with her. Thakur Sangram Singh arrives with his faithful Munshi (Munshi Khanjar) to meet Madhav but finds out about his daughters love for him. He considers Madhav unfit for his daughter and forbids Rajkumari to see Madhav again. Rajkumari is left shattered and seeing his daughters distraught condition, he tells her to go ahead and see Madho. But behind her back he instructs Munshi to come up with a plan to separate them. Will Munshi be successful in sabotaging the lovers? Can Madhav and Rajkumari triumph in their love?

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