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Watch Bollywood Action Movie - Diljalaa. Starring: Danny Denzongpa, Farha Naaz, Rita Bhaduri, Kamal Chopra. Director: Bapu. Synopsis: Ratanmuni Gupta, works as a manager with Sharda Chemicals, and has a college goin daughter named Mamta. He wants her to marry Munna, the only son of widowed, Sharda, his employer. On the day of the engagement she refuses to marry Munna humiliating her dad, Munna and Sharda. Shortly thereafter a number of young children die after being injected with vaccines from Sharda Chemicals. The Police investigate; arrest Sharda, while Munna kills himself. Ratanmuni and his partners take over Sharda Chemicals and re-name it Friend's Chemicals. Later when Mamta returns from finishing college, her dad introduces her to wealthy Mrs. Modi, who wants her to wed her only son, Azad. Both Azad and Mamta approve of each other, meet each other and get intimate. On the day of their engagement, shock awaits Mamta as she finds out that the man she got intimate with is not the real Azad. Disgraced and disowned by the real Azad and his mom, Mamta is shattered. Who is trying to destroy the life of Mamta? Has the tragic past come to torment her present life?

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