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Description :
Synopsis-Yeh Diljale is a powerful story describing Narhari's mission to put some
hard -- heartened hooligans behind bars. The whole story rotates around Narhari and
Narsimha's battle to gain justice.
ACP Narhari goes ahead with various missions to reach the secret of every underworld
plan and accordingly imprisons the hooligans. Narsimha is also a capable young guy who
enters Narhari's house on a secret mission. He is basically on a mission to kill Narhari.
Fortunately, Narhari keeps safe and now needs to know the reason behind Narsimha's
behavior. His father reveals a secret to Narhari but he could not define the problem
clearly. To understand the depth of this difficulty Narhari reaches Hyderabad. Here he
meets Lavanya and falls in love with her. Will Narhari get exposed to the problem and will
he be able to solve it successfully?

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