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Description :
Rupa (Rehana) is a dancer in a troupe led by the Professor (Yakub) and they travel from town to town to put on a show. On a train journey, Rupa discovers a pearl necklace in the Professor's possession. When the train stops unexpectedly to pick up some policemen, the professor surreptitiously slips the necklace into the pocket of a young man's coat hanging nearby. The young man, Ratan (Dev Anand) is an engineer who is planning to build a housing complex in the same small town that the dance troupe is visiting. When the train pulls into the station, the Professor orders Rupa to track Ratan down and retrieve the necklace. Ratan stays in a hotel while the towns Landlord, Diwan Sahab invites the Professor and his troupe to stay in his place. Rupa sets out to get back the necklace from Ratan and eventually they both fall in love with each other. But the professor wont risk losing the necklace and devices a plan to take out Ratan from Rupa's life. Who does the necklace belong to and why did the Professor steal it? Will Rupa and Ratan triumph in love amidst all the chaos and mayhem?

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