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Description :
The Real Dostana
Synopsis : The film opens with the killing of Johnson Dominic, who works as a carrier for Sonar Kella
group of jewelers owned by Shankar Nath. The murder was as per the plans executed by Rahim Rawthae
who is Shankar Nath's rival in the business, who wants to see the end of Shankar Nath, his associates and
Sonar Kella. Johnson's elder brother Abraham takes leave of the army and comes to the city with the sole
aim of finding out the mystery behind his brother's death and to take revenge. He very well realizes that a
opening into a gold mafia was to work for them and he finds ways to enter the group of Shankar Nath.
Lincoln George, a Circle Inspector, who is there to dig up the actions against a porno film maker,
happens to clash with Abraham and both have it out in the street. And amidst the duel, someone else
shoots Lincoln and Abraham takes the wounded Lincoln to hospital and saves his life which makes them friends.
Abraham, who reveals to Lincoln the details of his mission, finds that Lincoln too is to find someone who cheated his sister Nancy while
studying in Bangalore. Nancy who later had a mental wreck is in a better shape now and it is for her that Lincoln is living. With the arrival of
new collector Philip Mathew, Lincoln is recruited to fight against gold mafia. As both are in similar routes, reading between the lines too
give you the course of events that follow which shape up into the rest of the movie.

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