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Dosti is a Classic Bollywood Movie by Rajshri Productions. Man does not live by bread alone; man's life is not complete without love and without friendship. It is the bond of affection between man and man that has contributed to the progress of mankind since time immemorial. "Dosti" is the story of two teenage boys drawn together by fate and friendship, which is both heart-warming and inspiring. Orphan, lame, Ramu searched for a job and wandered in the street. One day he saw a boy crossing a street unmindful of the approaching car. He rushed and saved the boy only to find out that Mohan was blind. Mohan told him that in childhood, he had fallen sick and lost his eye-sight. He had a sister who had left the village to become a nurse and get him cured. Due to floods he had come to the city in search of his sister. Ramu and Mohan, facing the same cruel fate, become friends and decide to fight the battle of life together. One day Ramu was playing a tune on his mouth organ. It attracted some passers-by who gave him money mistaking him for a beggar. Ramu felt humiliated; but Mohan consoled him, saying that people were paying him for his music. Mohan, who had a melodious voice, sang and together they made a good team of entertainers and earned their livelihood. Ramu's interest in studies and his promise to his mother that he will complete his studies and become something in life inspired Mohan to convince his friend to join the school again. Mohan promised to raise the money. With some difficulties Ramu got himself admitted in the school. Sharmaji, a school teacher finding him a brilliant student, became his god-father. With all the handicaps trials and tribulations the bond of friendship keeps the faith and the trust of humanity alive, because if humanity has to live and prosper with peace, smile and happiness, Dosti, the eternal human relationship between friends must direct human conditions. Does Dosti (friendship) emerge victorious in the end and attain its aim? See it and communicate its message of friendship from generation to generation.

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