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E Bandhana as lovely Track with very touchy soft songs..
Great Lyrics by Jayanth Kaykini - Ade Bhoomi Ade going to be very huge hit...

And thanks again for music director Mano Murthy for giving such a lovely tracks..
Please comment and support kannada,by your lovely words..thats gives us courages to do more good things for You people..Many Thanks.
We all are looking forward to this E Bandhana Film...Hope it works good for E Bandhana Team.
There is no such thing as 'On the way out'. As long as you are still doing something interesting and good, you're in business because you're still breathing. Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative. It is not a drag getting old for the protagonist and his wife in this film 'E Bandhana' ala 'Make Way for Tomorrow' or 'Bhagbhan' or 'School Master'. What the son wishes to forget, the grand children wishes to remember in this film.

This film is a classic example of the missing bondage between parents and children. This is the best example for parents who work so much for their children to have security for their life. This film shows very clearly where there is expectation there is disappointment.

Debutant director Vijayalakshmi Singh handling the old theme made it to the modern days and her style of presentation of this sensible subject is touching. Hailing from the family of directors Vijayalakshmi Singh has looked at every department carefully and offered a wonderful film for the entire family. This is a must watch cinema.

Harish Raj and Nandini (Dr.Vishnuvardhan and Jayaprada) give out everything for the three children growth to comfort in life. Two of the three sons are married and till retirement Harish Raj and Nandini live separately. But on the day of retirement Harish Raj convene a meeting and disclose to his children that he does not have a rupee in his bank account on the retirement day. This shocks the children. According to the proposed idea Harish Raj and Nandini have to live separately with children. After 40 years of lovely married life the separation irks Harish Raj but he obeys to his wife Nandini. Both Harish Raj and Nandini live in different parts of the state. The trauma starts for Harish Raj and Nandini in the house of their children. They are teased and taken to task for no mistake. The grand son to Harish Raj and grand daughter to Nandini offer some relief. But they do not express their displeasure and discomfort suffered in the last four months to each other.

Harish Raj decides to write a book 'E Bandhana' on the insistence of Narayana Ullagaddi and his wife (played by Ananthnag and Thara) but he finds the frustration mounting when Nandini calls him up and says it is enough of living separately. Harish Raj rushes to join his loving wife. Kiran (Darshan) and Pallavi (Jennifer Kotwal) looking eagerly for Harish Raj and Nandini are relieved when they find them after a long time. It is this orphan Kiran gets everything in his life to reach to the top spot in business from Harish Raj and Nandini. He is like son to the dear couple. He gifts the house Harish Raj and Nandini lived for 40 years. Harish Raj on the other hand a man with lot of self respect gives away the Booker prize money he earned for his book 'E Bandhana' to Kiran which he accepts hesitantly.

At the felicitation day for towering success of his life sketch in 'E Bandhana' Harish Raj accepts Kiran as his son and discard his sons who have come to the felicitation party. Thus the lesson is taught and a lesson is learnt!

It is a perfect role for Dr.Vishnuvardhan which he has done it superbly. None other than Dr.Vishnu in Kannada cinema can do this role. He has that age and agility. His walking style, looks, delivery of emotional dialogues touches you. Jayaprada is another nice companion for Dr.Vishnu. She not only looks gorgeous but has done a fine job. Darshan and Ananthnag are the other stars strike your attention very much in this film. Darshan for his height and looks matches the opulence of his role. His interaction with Dr.Vishnuvardhan earns him applause in the theatres. Ananthnag in his usual wit and accent of Hubli-Dharwad Kannada is a treat to watch. Thara, Ashwath Ninasam, Jennifer Kotwal, Kumari Vaibhavi, master Nayanshekhar have given good support.

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