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Watch Bollywood Action Movie Ek Aur Dharmatma - 2008. Star Cast: Sathya Raj, Nagma, Director: Sathya Raj, Producer: R K Duggal, Music: Vidya Sagar. Synopsis : 'Ek Aur Dharmatma' is a film where Action king Sathya Raj plays tripple role as a Judge, a Goon and a Comedian. The judge is known for his fair verdict. He is known for his sincerity and honesty. As and when any case appears in his court he does not care for his own blood. He has an educated son, who has become a big goon due to some circumstances and is being known for helping poor and helpless people. The judge has already ordered his son to leave the home. But son often comes home to meet his mother in the absence of his father. There is a beautiful girl Nagma, whom the minister wants to marry but she has already fallen in love with a Goon, a judge's son. Minister and a comedian play a game and kidnap Nagma. Minister asks comedian to guard Nagma and plan to marry her. But the comedian kills the minister and tries to marry Nagma. Judge's son was charged with murder of the minister. His case appears in his own father's court. On the day of the judgment, the Judge commits suicide. On learning this, the judge's son runs away from jail and escapes Nagma from the clutches of the comedian.

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