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Description :
Ek Aur Jigarbaaz
Synopsis : Sivakasi (Kalyanram Nandamuri) lives like an orphan in Hyderabad. He fights out a local
baddie and wins the appreciation of the public. At the same time, a ravishing and rich girl Devi (Vedika)
falls in love with Sivakasi. But, the father and brothers of the girl reject Devi's marriage with him, for the
reason that he is an orphan and doesn't possess any family background. But, Sivakasi reveals his
background. He is the son of erstwhile Karimnagar Zamindar Chennama Naidu (Suman). And that
circumstance has forced him to turn an orphan in a city away from his parents. The rest of the story is
about how he gets united to his family, which is almost ruined by his own brother Durgaprasad

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