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Description :
After the murder of a police officer and the dissaperence of his partner, CID officer Ashok (Ashok Tate) is assigned to apprehend the criminals responsible. Ashok's serach leads him to 'Mambo 54', a notorious gang hideout where he meet an elusive gold smuggler (Ramesh Deo). A dangerous game of cat and mouse is set in motion to capture the smuggler at any cost. Ashok is lured to a death trap by the smugglers lover, double agent Rosie; but her plans are foiled and she is arrested. The enraged smuggler kidnaps Ashok's girlfriend Anita for a violent payback and takes her to a deserted island while Ashok races to her rescue and follows the smuggler to a mansion. But Nothing will prepare them for the strange events unfolding in the illusive mansion. From trap doors to unexplained murders to supernatural events, What terrible secrets does the mansion hold?

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