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Description :
Hanumanth (Srihari) is a simpleton living in the village with his grandmother (K. R. Vijaya). Hanumanth is in love with his uncle's daughter Sathyvathi (Madhu Sharma) and he accompanies her to the city for work. There he comes across renowned politician Krishnamurthy (Pradeep Rawat), who calls the shots as he is a revered freedom fighter. Krishnamurthy who is popularly known as Kingmaker, harbors a dark side and is a feared gangster among the mass. Hanumanthu's father Hanumanth Rai was a true freedom fighter and Krishnamurthy, after usurping that posistion from him, had also murdered him. Hanumanth learns the truth about the kingmaker and a stage is set for bloody revenge. who will rise supreme in the war fueled by vengeance?

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