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Description :
Ek Pal Pyar Ka - Bollywood Full Length Movie - 2005. Producer: Subhash R. Duragkar, Directed : Sanjiv Kolte, Cast : Sharad Ponkshe, Ashwani Ekbote, Deepak Alegaonkar, Kajal Mishra.
Synopsis: Story of a happily married couple Maitri (Ashwani Ekbote) and Manav (Sharad Ponkshe), who are childless. Maitri is an independent working woman, but she is emotionally disturbed of the fact that she will never be able to bare a child. Mr. Dsouza, who is Maitri's boss decides to take her for a business trip to Chennai. At the same time Niyati, the sister-in-law of her best friend comes to stay at her place. She leaves back her husband and Niyati alone at home. After returning, life is normal with just a few tiffs, but soon they find that Maitri is pregnant. But an ugly truth awaits them to shatter their lives.

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