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An Evening In Paris -Deepa has no luck when it comes to love, the first heart break befalls her at the innocent age of eleven, followed by disappointments of the same kind at the age of sweet sixteen. and bitter twenty two respectively. She is obsessed with a dogma that Indian boys are only in love with her wealth. And this makes her leave India for Paris, the most romantic city in the world in quest of true love.In romantic Paris, she happens to come across Shyam, who poses himself as a Frenchman to Deepa, but by now Deepa regards every Frenchman as outright flirts and this keeps Shyam away from her for some time. Shekhar, the unscrupulous son of Deepa's Business Manager, has evil designs in his mind.The evil elements were not sitting idle. They kidnap Deepa and replace her by an imposter, who looks exactly alike and works for a night club joint.The concluding reels of "An Evening In Paris" will reveal the end of this intriguing plot.

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