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Super Hit movie Free Love (1974)
Synopsis : Free Love is mysterious story of a tycoon who professed the philosophy of 'free love,' of love out of the bondage of marriage and commitments and of him falling prey to his own ideologies.Mohan Oberoi was a man with taste for best things in life, he was a business magnet who professed the philosophy of free love. He had no misgivings about the fact that a number of his secretaries were found death a few days after he had his way with them. But all that changed when the young, beautiful but very much in need of a job, Geeta entered his office. Geeta got the job as his secretary, but Mohan could not have his way with her, this despite the fact that he showered her with luxuries for Geeta was in love with a young man, Ramesh, who was on his way to become a lawyer. However one day during a tour, Mohan found his way with Geeta shattering her dreams of spending a loving life with her lover Ramesh. Unlike other girls, Geeta could not finish herself, she was strong enough to fight her way and put Mohan under the hammer and demanded that he marry her. But unknown to others, another secratary died somewhere putting the blame on Mohan.So who was it?

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