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Description :
'Ghar Basake Dekho' is a classic movie showcasing the values weaved in an Indian family and the love of a mother for his son. Kamal ( Sudesh Kumar) visits his mother and sister, Sharda (Rajshree) in the village along with his wife Mohana. Mohana is very modern and she dislikes village life along with Kamal's family and they leave immediately to the city. Sunder (Mehmood) and Geeta (Savitri) are happily married and warmhearted people living next door to Kamal. Sunder and Kamal are good friends but soon their friendship hit a sour note when Mohana's unjust attitude creates trouble for everyone. Mohana makes Kamal's mother and sister come to the city under false pretense and mistreats them to a point of being driven out of the house. Lost in the city, they are sheltered by a wealthy man, Kumar (Manoj Kumar) who eventually falls in love with Sharda. Meanwhile, Kamal loses lot of his money due to Mohana and under pressure he steals company money. Kamal's boss is none other than Kumar who gives an ultimatum to return the money or face jail. What will happen when Kumar finds out that Sharda is Kamal's sister? Will Kamal and Mohana realize their mistake and unite with their family?

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