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Watch Bollywood Classic Movie - Gopal Krishna. Starring: Jayshree Gadkar, Mohan Choti, P. Kailash, Prakash, Rajan Haksar, Sapru. Director: D. Raman. Synopsis: The people of Mathura are tyrannized and tortured by Kansa who ascends to the throne after imprisoning his father, King Ugrasena. Afraid of a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of his sister Devaki's eighth son, Kansa locks his sister and her husband Vasudeva in a prison cell. After Kansa manages to kill seven children of Devaki, Vasudeva manages to save the eight child, Krishna by delivering him to his foster parents Yasoda and Nanda, in Gokula. When Kansa comes to know that his enemy was growing up in Gokul, he sends his army of demons to destroy him. The horde of demons, each with an array of destructive powers comes to Gokula to kill Krishna. How will Krishna defeat the demons? Will the prophecy of Kansa's death be fulfilled?

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