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Description :
The Queen of a distant Kingdom gives birth to twin sons but the King's enemies, Zoravar and Shamsher take over the castle the same day and murder the king. The Queen is imprisoned by the wicked men, while the Kings loyal employees, Prithvi Singhand Dilawar Singh, escape with the twins. One child ends up with a blood disorder that discolors his skin and leaves his left arm paralyzed, and grows up to be a dacoit, Kaali Singh (Rajendra Kumar). The other son, Karan (Rajendra Kumar in double role) is brought up by Army Chief Prithvi Singh. Soon the twins come to know of each other's existence and they reunite to fight Zoravar and Shamsher and free their mother. Both brothers fall in love with the beautiful Princess Anuradha (Hema Malini) and now must decide who will wed the princess and take over the throne of the Kingdom.

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