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Description :
Parvati (Manisha Koirala) is a dance teacher who gets kidnapped by the Chief Ministers son, Sanjay and is subjected to brutal assault and rape. After a month Parvati is found on the street by a press reporter and with his help a FIR is registered against Sanjay. Hearing Sanjay's complaint, the CM dies of a heart attack & his daughter Sunita becomes CM. Jaggu (Jackie Shroff) is a honest lawyer and is in love with Sunita. Jaggu fights for Sanjay in the court and blames Parvati for having a poor character. Jaggu proves Sanjay to be inncoent and the charges are dropped. But soon Jaggu comes to known the truth and decides to fight for justice and help Parvati. Watch what happens when Jaggu re-opens the case and finds that his own brother, Raghu is representing Sanjay against him.

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