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Om Puri is a fine actor. And so is Shreyas Talpade. But fine actors need a script, a narrative and a momentum to keep the interest high. The story isn't the problem with The Hangman. It's an interesting tale of a father's ambition to see his son move up in life and not end up like him, pulling the rope over convicts and killers. Sadly, it's a story that loses focus and winds up in incongruous venues, like rave parties and brothels. Enough to get you all fidgety and fussy.

But there is something to watch out for in The Hangman: Om Puri as Shiva, the hangman. He paints a moving picture of a man desperate for change; of a father who wants a better life for his son, like all father's do. And yet, when the son inadvertently commits a crime, his principles remain intact. It's a compelling portrait of an ethical man who isn't willing to compromise on duty and morality, despite his love for his son. Shreyas, on the other hand, looks dated and outmoded in his weird shirts and his somewhat lost stance. The film has taken some time to find a release, having already done the festival rounds, almost a year ago.

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