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Dinanath Mahendru (Balraj Sahni), is a widowed police officer having a young daughter, Chanda. Chanda is friends with Rekha, the daughter of a prostitute. Rekha's mother accidentally kills someone in an effort to stop her pimp, Jeevan from carrying off Rekha into prostitution. She is sent to prison, and Mahendru decides to raise Rekha as his own daughter and shield her from her mothers past. The pimp, Jeevan, attempts to kidnap Rekha but his men mistakenly kidnap Chanda. Jeevan realizing this asks for a ransom from Mahendru for his daughters life but deceives him and delivers Chanda to a Madame (Nadira). Many years later, Chanda (Priya Rajvansh) has grown up to become a prostitute and meets a cab driver, Somesh (Navin Nischol) who drives Chanda to her clients. Somesh is from a wealthy family who had a falling out with his father as he refused to marry Mahendru's daughter, Rekha (Suman Sikand). Soon Chanda and Somesh fall in love but when Chanda realizes that she is Mahendru's daughter, she strives to convince Somesh to marry Rekha. In order to make Somesh leave her, Chanda transforms into everything Somesh despises and eventually they fall apart. But when the pimp, Jeevan surfaces again in Chanda's life, everyone's life spirals out of control as they become trapped in Jeevan's menace. Can Chanda break free from Jeevan and unite with her father? Who will sacrifice their love to make things right?

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