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Watch Bollywood Devotional Movie -- Har Har Mahadev. Starring: Babloo Mukherjee , Shalini Kapoor , Shakeel Khan , Arpita Sengupta. Director: Vijay Shukla. Synopsis: Rama is a devotee of Lord Shiva and spends her time in the Lord's service. She lives with her brother Bhola who is a poor farmer. Jaideep is a rich business man who falls in love with Rama at first sight and asks Bhola for her hand in marriage. Rama and Jaideep get married and they go to the city to live with Jaideep's family. There Rama comes under the attack of her sister in Laws Shalini and Chitra. They plot to make Rama's life miserable but with God's grace their devious plans fail all the time. But when Jaideep faces heavy loss in business, he blames Rama for the mishaps and their marriage life enters a troubled phase. Will Rama's belief and dedication towards Lord Shiva overpower her cruel fate? What mysterious ways will God help to save those in need?

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