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Watch Bollywood Movie Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet. Director : Teja, Cast : Nitin, Sadaf, Gopichand, Music : RP Patnaik.
Synopsis: Sujatha are Raghu are kids. Sujatha is the sister-in-law (maradalu) of Raghu. They always fight with each other. The parents of Sujatha and Raghu decide that they should be married off to each other when they grow up. Father of Sujatha shifts to a city to look after his business. Sujatha and Raghu vow not to see each other again after a bitter argument. All this happens, when they are hardly 7-8 years of age.
Raghu (Gopi Chand) grows up and turns out to be a dangerous brat.
Sujatha (Sada) grows up and joins a college for which she has to take a train On the train, she meets another student Venkat (Nitin), who is studying in the same class. Venkat is the son of a poor widower. He does all odd jobs to earn money for his living while studying. Sujatha and Venkat fall in love. When Sujatha parents come to know about it, they put a stop to Sujatha studies and arranges her engagement with Raghu, who is her brother-in-law (bava). Raghu comes to know about her relationship with Venkat. Still, he does not mind, as she is a pretty beautiful girl.
They arrange the marriage in 10 days time. Meanwhile, Venkat terrorizes Raghu by writings on walls of Raghu's place with blood that he
would foil their marriage and take away the bride with him. At the time of marriage muhurat, Venkat takes away Sujatha along with him.
The entire gang of Raghu and his buddies are after the run-away-couple. The rest of the story deals with how Raghu and Sujatha emerge as

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