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Senator Bob Moreland built his political career on conservative issues and is a leading opponent of embryonic stem cell research. But a tragic crime puts his family in danger, and suddenly his ethics are in direct opposition to the needs of his family. Can he delve through years of rhetoric and strong pressure from his political constituency to find an answer he can live with? Can he and his wife reach an agreement or will their marriage be destroyed, too?

In this wildly original saga, two men lead vastly different lives until revenge causes their worlds to intersect with devastating results. Hope is an enthralling medical drama with the ultimate mission of challenging Viewers to examine their own attitudes towards embryonic stem cell research. Hope breaks new ground in conveying the complexity of bioethical issues while sharing raw, often tender, accounts of patients and families suffering under the burden of catastrophic illness and injury.

When hope is all you have...it might be all you need.

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