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Description :
Hot Mashooka - Bollywood Movie - 2006. Producer: A Rai, Directed by : Arjun Raj, Star Cast: Raj Gautam, Roshni Chopra, Ganesh Pardeshi, Komal Leesa, Jabeer, Manglu Sonia, Anit Rahtogi.
Synopsis : Hot Mashooka is a story revolving around four young lives. Disha (Roshni Chopra) is married to a much older guy Atul (Raj Gautam) and is not happy in her relationship. To satisfy her physical urges, she soon begins to look outside her marriage and falls for a young guy named Prem (Ganesh Pardeshi). Disha is so carried by her love for Prem that she wants to free herself from Atul and so hatches a plan with Prem to murder her husband. Meanwhile, Atul's sister Ragini (Komal Leesa) visits their home. Prem sees her and falls for her. He decides to date both Disha and Ragini. While double dating them, he discovers that Atul has willed only 10% of his property to Disha and the rest is in Ragini's name. He conveniently dumps Disha for Ragini. The jilted Disha decides to take revenge. What will she do next?.

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