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Description :
Inspector Abhishek Rao (Naresh Kaura) is a honest cop fighting crime in the city along with his friend Inspector Raman. During a crackdown, Raman is killed in action and Abhishek swears to avenge Raman's death but is baffled when his department turns a blind eye to the case. Soon Abhishek life turns upside down when he is framed for assaulting a security officer, Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff) and is suspended is sentenced to jail. Abhishek is suspended from his duty and finds a job as a security guard. Meanwhile a device holding the key to several nuclear warheads is stolen and the matter of national security hangs in balance. Fate brings back Abhishek and Iqbal Khan together, this time as friends who take an oath to protect the country. Soon they find out a web of deceit spun by corrupt officials and extremists who want to destroy world peace. Can Abhishek and Iqbal Khan succeed in cleaning up the corrupt system? Can they uncover the fatal conspiracy and end the threat of a nuclear war?

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