Hum Hai Bade Miyan Chote Miyan - Full Movies

Description :
Mammootty dons the role of highflying business man, Sathya Narayanan in Malaysia. Balu is
his friend and an associate in Sathya Narayanan's business. Leena is Balu's girlfriend. One day Balu
comes with Leena and introduces her to Sathya as his friend but he hides the truth that she is his
girlfriend. Leena decides to use her cunning ways to befriend Sathya fullfil her dreams of a lavish
lifestyle through his wealth. Later Balu is come to know of the fact that Sathya is in love with Leena, but
he is in no financial to intervene. Accidentally Sathya comes to know about Balu from Leena's words. It
reveals her attitude towards Balu and her true motive. Sathya is shocked and the story takes a surprising
turn from there onwards.

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