Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe - Full Movies

Description :
Mamta is married to Vikas and has a boy named Vishwas. Soon Mamta comes to known about Vikas's association with the crime world and leaves her husband. She takes Vishwas along with her and the events that follow makes the world believe that Mamta and Vishwas are dead. A shattered Vikas adopts Priya who is the daughter of a couple that are killed by his criminal associates. Years later, Priya, has grown up and along with some friends decides to holiday at Mount Abu. There she meets with none other than Vishwas, who is their guide and soon both fall in love. Meanwhile Vikas's criminal associate, Bharoselal convinces Vikas that his son is still alive, and asks his nephew, Jai, to pose as Vishwas. Vishwas gets hired in the organization run by Vikas, and Vikas becomes fond of Vishwas. Bharoselal schemes with his partners to poison Vikas's mind against Vishwas. As Vishwas slowly unravels the truth, he must put an end to Bharoselal's devious plans. Will Bharoselal succeed in his evil plan? Will the broken family unite amidst all odds?

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