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Hindi Action Movie Hum Se Na Takarana (1990). Synopsis : HUM SE NA TAKRANA is a pre-independence story of a farmer in a sleepy village and the turbulent life he and his family had to face because of the atrocities of the local 'zamindars' and the British Officers.
Bhola a small farmer in order to meet the pregnancy expenses of his wife decided to mortgage one acre out of the nine acres of his land to the local zamindar, Thakur. Thakur however cheated him and wrote down his entire property on the legal papers, which illiterate Bhola signed on. Thus a dispute rose, which resulted in him being badly beaten and left out for dead. Saviour came in the form of bandit Chandbibi and Bhola joined the gang of dacoits, taking care of Chandbibi's son Badshah.
Meanwhile Bhola's wife Ganga along with her son Vijay toiled on the small piece of land left with them. Vijay formed a friendship with an orphan Amar who Ganga took under her care as her son. Vijay who was good in his studies pursued his education while Amar toiled with his mother. The Thakur's two son, Shamsher and Ranveer often got in scuffle with Vijay and Amar.
Time lapsed by, they all had now grown up and destiny intervened in their life bringing Badsha, Vijay and Amar together to fight a single cause. Fight the tyranny of Thakur and the corrupt British officers who were hand in glove with Thakur. How they achieve this gigantic goal and how Bhola reunites with his family makes for an interesting watch.

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