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Watch Humraah - The Traitor - Bollywood Action Movie - 2007. Star Cast : Prashant Prabhakar, Valeria Mei, Kushesh Kuresh Rusto, Director : V. K. Singh, Music Director : R. K. Pandit, Lyrics : P. K. Singh, Cinematographer : Stefeen Welsch. Synopsis : It is a love story with the backdrop of International espionage, based on the reports of the presence of a CIA mole in the Indian cabinet. One of the agents of RAW, the Indian espionage agency, is sent to Germany to look and eliminate a renegade who had betrayed his colleagues by disclosing their names to Pakistan's ISI. The agent entraps the renegade's daughter, who was born to a German mother, in his love to reach the elusive traitor. And discovers the truth in the process. The featured song is about the heroine being in a state of doubt if she should share her hearts secrets with her lover.

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