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Description :
Professor Tao Kai Sheng (Madan Puri) of the Chinese Government has formulated a dangerous plan to destroy India for which he recruits a young Chinese military officer, Lin (Joy Mukherjee). Lin undergoes plastic surgery in order to impersonate a young Indian Air Force officer by the name of Shyam (Joy Mukherjee double role). Lin and Sheng frame Shaym for a murder he didn't commit, and as a result, Shyam undergoes court martial, stripped from his rank and loses his sweetheart, Rena (Sharmila Tagore). But Shyam soon learns about Sheng's plan and he eliminates Lin and takes his place. Under this guise, he returns to India and alerts the Military about the Chinese plan. The Government reinstates his rank and orders him to continue his ruse in order to uncover the full extent of the evil Chinese plan. But when Professor Sheng shows up in India as part of a Delegation along with Lin's girlfriend (Mala Sinha), Shyam must keep up appearances to juggle her and Rena. Can Shyam save India from the treacherous plan of the Chinese?

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