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Description :
Inspector Kiran - Bollywood Movie - 2004. Director : Yash Cast : Milind Gunaji, Nirmal Panday, Neena Kulkarni, Abhay Bhargav, Shashi Kiran, Suhas Khandke, Mukesh Ahuja, Vilas Raj, Mahesh Raj, Ramesh Goyal, Janardhan, Ramesh Parmar.
Synopsis: Inspector Kiran is one of the brave and intelligent female officer in the police department. While attempting to solve a very difficult case, she locks horns with a vicious underworld-politician nexus. At that period of time she fall sin love with her colleague Inspector Ravi, who is alleged to have links with the criminals. The criminals plot to kill Inspector Kiran's family and put her sister into prostitution. And Kiran is falsely implicated by the court and faces trials and tribulations before she hits back with a venegeance. Watch the climax with plenty of drama and action in the movie.

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