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Description :
Ishq Kaminaa - Bollywood Movie - 2005. Director : Pradeep Maini Cast : Vishal, Amar Uppadhayay, Sandhya Mehra, Aanchal Malhotra.
Synopsis: Rajat (Amar Uppadhayay) and Tushar Khanna have been best friends since 15 years. One day Rajat goes to Tushar's office and asks him to help him financially so that he could set up a business. But Tushar refuses and surprises him by involving him as a partner in his new business. Tushar is madly in love with Tanya and is married to her. Rajat talks to Tushar about the plot he had seen for their new business. They plan to go for an outing and go and see the plot as well and, the next day Rajat, Tushar and Tanya leave for the outing. While they are on the plot Tanya is lost somewhere and they go in search of her. When on the top of the hill Rajat pushes Tushar from the hill. What will Tanya do after knowing about her husband Tushar's death?

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