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Description :
Item Girl - Bollywood Movie - 2006. Producer: R Durgakkar, Directed by :Purshottam, Star Cast: Sonu Pahuja, Jyoti Pandey, Nisha Yadav, Satyendra Narulia, Sunil Nagar, Rajat Bhalla, Deepak Sinha, Neha Baitha, Karan, Sangeeta.
Synopsis : Item Girl is a movie based on the exploitation often faced by women who come to Mumbai in search of modelling jobs... Karan (Sonu Pahuja) and Ajay (Karan) are two very good friends who believe in enjoying every moment of their life. They frequent clubs, get drunk and are always on the lookout for girls who are easy targets. On one such night, they come across Riya (Jyoti Pandey) and Rimi (Nisha Yadav) who are aspiring models. The girls easily fall for the guys who take them to a club and spike their drinks. However, the owner of the club Bhandari sees through their game and inturn spikes the boys drinks. When the boys are unconscious, he grabs his chance and rapes Riya and Rimi. Riya and Rimi, unaware of the facts file a rape case against Karan and Ajay. Will the truth ever come to light or will the innocent be punished?.

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