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Description :
Wealthy and powerful Thakur Digvijay Singh (Raj Babbar) sets his eye on a beautiful gypsy girl Naina (Twinkle Khanna) and wants to make her his own at any cost. He asks his employee, Balwant (Amrish Puri) to make his son Karan (Ajay Devgan), escort Naina to Thakur's place in the city. On the route to the city, Karan and Naina fall in love with each other. But what they don't known is that Thakur takes the village girls to the city and ruins them, forcing them into prostitution. When Thakur finds out about Karan and Naina, he sends his men on a hunt to kill Karan and bring Naina to him. Krana is brutalized by Thakur's men and the police after a bounty is placed on his head. Soon a war escalates between Karan and Thakur in pursuit of Naina and both men violently clash to reign supreme. Will Karan and Naina succeed in their love?

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