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Description :
Bhagwanti is an uneducated poor village girl who loses everything when she is raped by the son of the cruel village Landlord Dharamdas. Along with her family she is forced to move out of the village. She tries to attempt suicide but is rescued by a woman who takes her to Mumbai promising employment. But Bhagwanti ends up in a brothel and is arrested in a police raid. Don Dara bails Bhagwanti out of the jail and promises her to make an international artist. He takes her to the beautiful disco queen Miss Silk and asks her to train Bhawanti to be the most irresistible dancer. Bhagwanti takes up the alias Lucky and is transformed into the sultriest dancer in the entire nation. Many wicked men have set their eyes on Lucky while Don Dara has a devious plan of his own to exploit Lucky. Miss Silk and Lucky must now device a master plan to destroy the venomous men in their lives. Will the women be able to take flight from the exploitation and escape their plight?

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