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Description :
Jagapathi Babu works as a key henchman for a powerful mobster Rudra (Ashish Vidyarthi).
When Rudra and his henchmen go on their usual collection runs, they bring Bangaram (Jagapathi
Babu), who has been trained since he was a child to fight and kill his opponents. When Rudra signals by
taking off the chain tied to his right hand, Bangaram charges like a raging bull and attacks anyone that
opposes Rudra. Rudra also uses him as a fighter in an underground fight club where the people place
bets on a bloody fight. But, when a turf war ends up in a bloody carnage, Bangaram escapes and is
taken in by a kind family consisting of blind piano tuner Vasudev (Kalabhavan Mani) and his teenage
stepdaughter Gayathri (Neha Oberoi). Slowly, they teach Bangaram to be a normal person in a civil
society. They also teach him the difference between good and bad deeds. They even give him a new
name, Guru. They also allow, Bangaram to explore his love of the piano, where a specific tune haunts him, bringing back repressed
memories from his past. In the process, both Guru and Gayathri fall in love. Gayathri is drawn towards Guru, attracted by his innocent and
naïve ways of looking at life and things. Just when, Guru thinks that he has left his past life, circumstances force him to be sucked into it
once again. But he is no longer the trained killing machine that Rudra thinks he is. Rudra brainwashes Guru that it is his father who has
killed his mother. This infuriates Guru and he goes in search of his father to eliminate him. When Guru comes to know that Vasudev is his
father; he is ready to kill his father. But, Vasudev reveals in a flashback scene, the real culprit is and why he was forced to kill his mother. In
the end, family reunites and Guru kills Rudra and his henchmen in an action-packed climax.

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