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Description :
The story revolves around young Sawanth, a Radio Jockey and his
loving wife Vasudhara who are successful in their own careers. And both of
pursuit of justice. Sawanth goes abroad for training and by the time he
them have a couple of friends with whom they enjoy partying and having a lot
of fun. Vasundhara is an activist who takes up causes and fights for them in
returns, his wife dies under mysterious circumstances along with her
Sawant is utterly shocked and is unable to come to terms with this tragic turn
of events. But later he comes out of this shock, and is determined to find out the facts relating to the death of his wife. During his
investigation, Sawanth finds out that his wife has been murdered along with another accomplice who was like a brother to him. Sawanth
tries to secure the help of the police also in his investigative work. But all the persons who have a link to his wife's murder are brutally killed
or die in mysterious circumstances. Finally Sawanth breaks the ice and finds out the real culprits behind the tragic murder of his wife.

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