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Description :
Jalta Badan - Bollywood Movie - 2001. Star Cast: Raza Murad, Shashi Bala, Bharat Kapoor, Meher Mittal, Producer: Robin Ghai, Director: K.Shivram.
Synopsis : Anjali is a daughter of the film director Bhootnath Ishara and the yesteryear heroine Babli Dixit. One day her father receives a letter from Godavari, who is a widow of one of her father's friend. Bhootnath gets emotional reading the letter and tells his daughter about the promised he made to his friend that he would get Anjali married to his son Ramnarayan. Anjali agrees to her father, but Babli asks for the photographs of the guy. Ramnarayan is a guy who is physically grown but mentally he is still a kid. He lives in the village with his widowed mother. After receiving the photographs of the guy, Anjali agrees to marry Ramnarayan. How will Anjali react when to gets to know about the real Ramnarayan? Will she agree to stay with him for her life time?

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