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Description :
Vijay Sharma (Mithun Chakraborty) works as a C.I.D. Police Inspector. He is married to Radha and has a daughter Manju and a mute son Munna. When the Commissioner of Police is killed, he is assigned this investigation, and comes across evidence that may lead him to the killer. Radha is diagnosed with cancer and Vijay decides to take her to America for the treatment, but a bomb blast kills her. Devastated, he decides to bring in the killer, but before that a young man, Amar, approaches him for Manju's hand, and he gets them married. Fate plays a cruel game when the evidence in the Commissioner's murder case gets tampered while Manju and Amar get murdered. Vijay is arrested for killing them and sentenced to life in prison. How will Vijay break free of all his problems? Will he find out who the murderer is and deliver justice?

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