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Description :
Ajith plays the title role of Dheena, while Suresh Gopi enacts the role of Ajith's older
brother. Dheenadayalan (Ajith) is the brother of the local goon, Adikesavan (Suresh Gopi). He is
eternally grateful to his elder brother and is ready to do anything for his elder brother. Dheena
learns that his sister (Divya) is in love with a local boy, but Adikesavan thinks the boy is harassing
their sister and goes after him. In a strange twist, their sister dies in the bargain. Adikesavan swears
revenge and orders Dheena to eliminate the boy's family. But Dheena, who knows that the boy is
innocent and also loves the boy's sister (Laila), refuses. This pits him against the brother he loves.

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