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Description :
Johnny Gaddaar is a caper thriller focusing on a small section of the city's notorious nightlife. Five men, the eldest is 60+, the youngest in his 20s. This ensemble group has their fingers in various legal and not so legal activities. The story starts with one of the gang members Seshadri getting an offer to make a fortune in four days. All the gang members are up for it as this is the deal that will catapult them into the big league. The youngest member of the gang Vikram plans to disappear to some unknown city and start his own life with his woman Mini when A DEVILISH THOUGHT CROSSES VIKRAM'S MIND. What if he grabs the entire jackpot, Vikram's opening gambit is a neat double cross. But as he plunges further into his diabolical plan... He realizes that the stakes in this game are high. And the only losers he can afford to leave behind are dead ones! Johnny Gaddaar. A tingling tale of crime and betrayal, love and murder.

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