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Description :
After the death of their freedom fighter father, Raghu (Raghuvaran) looks after the financial affairs of a hoodlum and extortionist, Sopraj (Sharad Saxena). Raghu's brother, Vishwa (Arjun), also works for Sopraj by fixing matches, as well as participates in daredevil stunts and boxing bouts. Vishwa meets Divya (Rambha) and they both fall in love with each other. The two brothers enter conflict after Vishwa agrees to testify against Sopraj for killing a social worker named Vikram. Vikram is the brother of Divya (Rambha) and Vishwa vows to bring Sopraj's rule to an end. During this course, Vishwa finds the truth about his deceased father, and the amount of influence Sopraj has over Raghu - who will leave no stone unturned to compel Vishwa from going against him.

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