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Hindi Movie Julie (1975) a love story. Synopsis : JULIE is the super hit movie of the mid 70s that had garnered rave reviews for its bold theme and performance from the cast and its lilting music score.
The story revolves around Julie (Laxmi) a young beautiful Anglo Indian girl who lives with her parents, her younger siblings. Her elder brother, Timmy is settled in UK. Her father Morris is and engine driver with the railways while her mother Margaret a housewife, lives in the false pride of being an Anglo Indian and always cribs about having to live in India, while she dreams of migrating to UK.
While Julie's younger siblings don't have a view point, Morris and Julie are unwilling to leave India. Julies love life turned roses when she met her pal Usha's brother Shashi who had returned from Calcutta after completing his studies. Shashi too was smitten by Julies beauty and the two fell in love taking the un-forbidden step which put their life into jeopardy.
When Julie revealed to her mother that she was carrying the child of Shashi in her womb, Margaret was raged and she decided to quietly delivery the child in a secluded place and give it up for adoption. However after the birth of the child, Julie was unable to come to terms with the settlement.
What happens thereafter is a torrid tale of emotions, where all the characters of the story play an important role in finding a happy solution to this tale of love.

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