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Description :
Ganesh alias Ishwar (Darshan) settled in Bangalore in a flashback scene remembers the
bloodshed between two warring factions in his native town Mandya. Several deaths in the
bloodshed, spoils the social atmosphere in Mandya. The police ask Ishwar to leave Mandya for
some years. In the city he is eking out living as Ganesha with his own small condiment business. He
is also a Good Samaritan in the city helping others in need. He teaches a lesson to Seena, a
hardcore criminal's brother, when he eve teases his sister in the college. He takes good care of his
brother and sister in the city. He is called by people in 'Mandya' as the situation is grim with
disgruntled elements ruining the peace of the place. Back in Mandya, Ishwar takes up the cause of
educating his people and liberating them from the slavery in the quarry business. However he has
to fight the local goons to achieve his objective which forms the rest of the story.

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