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Junglee. Synopsis : The difference between rich and poor always flanks the real love. This story is of how redundant regulations of royal family brings in risk the love of a youth and his sister who loves a girl and a boy respectively from a lower class family. Shekhar belongs to an noble family, run by his domineering mom who believes laughter is a sign of belonging to the lower class. In this household the only one who dares to laugh and enjoy life is Shekhar's sister Mala, who loves Jeevan. Things change when their mom finds out about Mala's imprudence, and she asks Shekhar to take her away from their home, to Kashmir. There he meets beautiful Rajkumari and becomes a cheerful man in love. To make matters worse, Rajkumari does not belong to a princely family, and Shekhar knows that his mom will never approve of his marriage with Rajkumari. Will they ever get marry?

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